The war in Afghanistan and the mental health battlefield

The war in Afghanistan, the longest in U.S. history is over. We have gone through the frantic evacuation of tens of thousands of Americans, Afghans, and other civilians from Kabul. We as a nation endured the death of 13 Marine Corp heroes along with the fact we have left hundreds of Americans still stranded in Afghanistan. All this leaves one question front and center with many servicemembers who served there; was it worth it?

Those who saw the war up close struggle to find answers and make sense of everything myself included. When it comes to the answer of whether it was worth it or not I have come to my own personal conclusion; yes it was worth it. People ask me how I can say this? We lost a lot of brothers and sisters in arms there, and many more lives changed by injury so how can I say it was worth it? For me it boils down to this; we planted the seeds of freedom in Afghanistan. The Afghan people got a taste of freedom because of our presence and this idea will continue to grow as good Afghans rise up to take their county back. Was it worth it for me? Hell yea it was worth it. Now we as a country must do the right thing and get our American Citizens out, and get ready to support those who rise up to fight for a free and peaceful future in Afghanistan.

Panjshir Valley Sept 2021






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