Tip of the Spear one year later and still going strong

Never did I think one year ago when my book, Tip of the Spear released would it have ever seen the light of day. Not a bad thing because I had no expectations at all, I just wanted to get my message out in hopes that it would reach someone who may be looking for answers. Now, a year later, I’m blown away by the results. From making the best sellers list on Amazon to reaching thousands of readers, I’m truly blessed. The people who have contacted me to let me know what my book did for them and to share their stories with me have made it completely worth it. One year ago I was unsure if I wanted to put my life on blast for all to read because I did not sugar coat anything, it was me, raw and uncut, but I know I made the right choice. I’m excited to see what another year brings and even more excited to enjoy the journey with everyone who wants to come along for the ride.

The day my book released July 7th 2020 I was in Afghanistan.






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  1. Ron carter Avatar
    Ron carter

    Fuckin a bro 😎!
    Hope you’re enjoying being home.

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