Brothers at war and unbreakable bonds created

Brothers created in combat are ironclad, a friendship that will span the test of time through many ups and downs because nothing can break a relationship forged in combat. The stresses, fear, excitement, and grief you share as a family in combat is something impossible to recreate anywhere else and will span the tests of time. You lean on your brothers during the bad, lifting them up when they are down, and celebrate the good times. No one should ever have to feel that they are all alone with no one there to listen or help. Veteran suicide is a tragedy and needs to stop. We as veterans need to reach out and check on each other the same way we would in combat.






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  1. Jeffery Hayden Avatar
    Jeffery Hayden

    Thanks for sharing some incredible photos the Brotherhood is forever etched in stone, Band of Brothers that no one will really understand unless you’ve been there. Thanks for your service this book was incredible. Thank you 🇺🇸

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