Giving Tuesday Military

Tomorrow is Nov 30th which is Giving Tuesday! Some of you may ask what is Giving Tuesday and the Giving Tuesday Military??? Well, check the video out ad let’s get out there and spread kindness. Giving Tuesday is tomorrow and below is the link to the Green Beret Foundation event page fundraiser for Giving Tuesday! Enjoy.…/c373169#tipofthespearrmh#GivingTuesday#GivingTuesday2021#GivingTuesdayMilitary#greenberetfoundation

Green Berets at Golden Bears

What an amazing event at the inaugural Green Berets at Golden Bear golf event in Orlando! Special thanks to the Green Beret Foundation, Ben Loper, and John Paluska for giving me this opportunity to attend and a huge shout out for bringing in 200 copies of my book to be gifted to all the golfers. Special thanks to the Title Sponsor Hilton Grand Vacations, the Green Berets, Special Forces spouses, and everyone else that made this event happen. I’m definitely looking forward to next year! De Oppresso Liber.

Medical Technology and Quality of Life

Another amazing job by Ryan Blanck and Hanger Clinic with doing the impossible. I have a habit of outworking my leg devices but I’m truly surprised this visit. Getting me a device where I can do my workouts providing me the explosive power, stability, and resilience to the wear and tear I put on the device is no easy task but Ryan knocked it out of the park like always giving opportunities after injuries that most would not have. It’s amazing how so many like myself have been given a second chance to live the life I want through medical technology.